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  • Djengue withholds Jan Uitdehaag working in Kenya again

    Unfortunately T4T trainer at the school leaders course of T4T, Jan Uitdehaag, is not going to continue his work in Kwale. In a letter below he explains the reason and reflects on the development of education in Kwale. Since 2007 Jan was one of the 3 creators of the school

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  • Longing for education

    It would have been so nice to continue the T4T programs with Dutch head teachers, HoD’s and specialists SNE and ECDE next week. I remember the wonderful CBC lesson about plants last March and the powerful cooperation between Kenyan and Dutch teachers in the workshops. How new ideas about active

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  • No T4T group of teachers in September 2020

    Due to the worldwide corona crisis we unfortunately have to cancel our September visit with a group of head teachers, HOD’s, specialists SNE and ECD. The Dutch board made this decision very carefully in cooperation with the director, Francis Nzai. The following arguments were leading: 1. T4T has a procedure

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