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  • Sebastian Leonard retired as board member

    In 2002 mr. Mdawida Sebastian Leonard as an education officer started to repesent the count Kwale in the Verkaart foundation. At the time he already  knew Francis Nzai professionally, since he was a head teacher. When in 2003 Teachers4teachers separated from this foundation he stayed in contact with Mia Mollee

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  • Oh happy days

    We are so happy with what happened during the last 18 months in Kenya. According to the school leaders course the three trainers, Mwanarussi, Mzungu and Tamasha had visited all students twice during the coaching on the job and were able to conclude that, based on their development plan (both

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  • Dutch board members visit Kenya again

    After 1 1/2 jear of absence three Dutch board members finally can visit their Kenyan colleagues in Kwale. Jan, Michiel and Ruud arrived last Tuesday to meet and connect and explore the situation in Kwale. Together with Francis Nzai they made a schedule to meet the stakeholders of the T4T

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