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  • Workshops with lots of energy and ‘ we want more’

    ‘Can’t we have a two days workshop from T4T?’, was an often heard remark after the workshops in January and February. That means that the well prepared Kenyan facilitators did a wonderful job in their new role as a workshop leader. The Dutch board is very proud about the performance

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  • T4T-workshops in January/February lead by Kenyan teachers

    It was to be expected, that no Dutch teachers would be able to come to Kwale in January and February to enjoy workshops with their Kenyan colleagues. Despite the lack of Dutch teachers workshops will be organized. Already in December 2020 Francis Nzai organized meetings with the team leaders of

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  • Djengue withholds Jan Uitdehaag working in Kenya again

    Unfortunately T4T trainer at the school leaders course of T4T, Jan Uitdehaag, is not going to continue his work in Kwale. In a letter below he explains the reason and reflects on the development of education in Kwale. Since 2007 Jan was one of the 3 creators of the school

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