Djengue withholds Jan Uitdehaag working in Kenya again

Unfortunately T4T trainer at the school leaders course of T4T, Jan Uitdehaag, is not going to continue his work in Kwale. In a letter below he explains the reason and reflects on the development of education in Kwale. Since 2007 Jan was one of the 3 creators of the school leaders course and a very enthusiastic trainer. He always showed himself to be a good communicator and connector in working together with quite some colleague trainers and coaches. Jan gives a lot of space to every stakeholder to share challenges and ideas. By continuously updating the content the course is a big success in Kwale.  Already about 60 head teachers are graduated. Since 2017 4 Kenyan trainers were trained to lead the course, which is indeed happening nowadays. Jan and his friends are only monitoring the trainers. Although Jan will not meet his wonderful Kenyan colleagues physically, he will stay involved with the work of T4T and  also will participate in the development of the course from Holland. We are very grateful for the contribution Jan made to Kwale educational development so far.

Cutting the cake at the graduation

Thinking together with Francis Nzai














Jan and Mia with the stool of confidence

Jan observing the school leaders course














The letter of Jan to all Kenyan friends:

Dear colleagues,

I’ve been working for many years in Kenia. I’ve done my work with great pleasure and enthusiasm. My visits to Kenia have brought me very much, now I’m looking to Kenia  as  a country with many possibilities . T4T has done  many activities to improve the education of the children in the area of Kwale.

I’m very proud of my colleagues of T4T.

Probably you know I left Kenia in March 2020 in a bad way. I became ill, I was infected by the dengue virus. In the last months my health was not okay. Now I’m  getting better, but the doctors advised me not to go to Kenia again. I’m sad about that message, but I have to follow this advice.

So  my dear friends, we are not to meet each other physically, I hope we meet in another way: on distance by our computer. Here in Holland I will follow all the developments in Kenia, we have a group of people who are very involved with the T4T program in Kenia. I’ll always be a member of that group, and I’ll give my support to the development of the school leaders course. In that way I stay in contact with you all! I want to thank you for the many friendly words in the past. I wish you all the best for the future.  

With warm regards.

Jan Uitdehaag.

While the covid-lock went down in March, Jan returned infected by dengue virus to the airport of Mombasa with his colleagues Belinda and Henriëtte.



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