Dutch teachers ready for take off

Although they cannot make a real snowman this year, it is still winter in the Netherlands. Meanwhile it is very clear that the 38 teachers are longing to visit Kwale. The second workshop preparation day in Holland was about the possible content of the workshops, CBC, active learning and portfolio. They met and connected with there colleagues with whom the workshop is supposed to be given and studied the themes of the workshops, which are:
– Primary teachers: Creativity in teaching, containing active learning, portfolio and competences within CBS. Teachers standard 3 and 4 (English) are invited.
– Teachers ECD: Creativity in teaching with focus on active learning and developing materials.
– Teachers SNE: Increase awareness of disabilities and posibilities.
– Secondary teachers: Creativity in teaching with focus on active learning, with special attention to the new curriculum.

During the preparation the Dutch teachers practiced some energizers and work forms with each other. Off course this meant a lot of fun. I am sure that the Kenyan teachers will share same fun next weekend. During this weekend the 5th schoolleaders course will take place in Forest Lodge. Above all a Kenyan matter, because two Kenyan trainers will be in the lead to conduct the course. Next to this course also 4 Kenyan coachees will be trained. During the week the teachers will visit some classes in schools to observe what they have discussed, shared and learned in the workshops. There are also meetings with CSO’s and ECDE Ward Officers planned this week. We are looking forward to meet and connect and to learn by sharing a lot.


Before flying to Mombasa next Wednesday evening the teachers had to apply for their visa, which took a lot of time this year. But anyway: we are ready.

Ruud Musman

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