No T4T group of teachers in September 2020

Due to the worldwide corona crisis we unfortunately have to cancel our September visit with a group of head teachers, HOD’s, specialists SNE and ECD. The Dutch board made this decision very carefully in cooperation with the director, Francis Nzai. The following arguments were leading:

1. T4T has a procedure for Go-or-no-go decisions. The first reason fo a no-go is a negative advice from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is the case currently.

2. Closing the schools in Kenia for 9 weeks causes serieus backlogs to many learners. This affected above all Kwale, because not many had technical possibilities to follow national online lessons. The government decided to shorten the summerholiday and a midterm to make  up for the lost time. Because the KCPE and KCSE wil take place as normal. So it is unlikely that Dutch teachers will be allowed to visit schools end of September.

3. We asked some Dutch school boards how they would react to a T4t invitation right now. As primary schools just opened last week with semi-full classes and secondary schools will partly open next week, the boards are not enthusiastic to put energy in T4T projects at the moment, nor in September, shortly after the start of our new school year. This will also be the case with head teachers and heads of department.

4. Organizing the trip would be very difficult in the short time left. First we would have to invite teachers, then we ‘d have to organize an information day and give trachers some time to decide to join the program.  Next is  receiving the money from the boards and buying the tickets (which are not available currently) and finally we ‘d have to organize two preparation days. With between all this a six week summer holiday. Not possible.

We are very pitty that we have to cancel the visit with the group. This means that there will not be workshops with Dutch teachers in the zones.

We shall look at possibillities to continue other projects later, the moment we know more about the development of the virus in Kenya and in The Netherlands and at the flight situation. Of course we keep in close contact with Francis regularly. Above all we wish all Kenyan friends a lot of health. Meanwhile we are proud of the contribution of Francis Nzai and Yusra Abdhala to the food deliverance.

Ruud Musman

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