Tarumbeta Africa shines at Dutch schools

The Tarumbeta group from Nairobi in conquering a lot of schools with their contagious music and dance. The group started a tour of 3 weeks along Dutch schools at primary schools De Poolster and De Vendelier. Children, parents and teachers were very enthusiastic, as you will notice by watching the video:

The teachers or head teachers of the schools, where Tarumbeta is going to perform, already participated in the T4T program in September 2017 or last February 2018. At  April 21 the group will finish their tour at the 15 years T4T reunion in the Afrikamuseum near Nijmegen, where 75 Dutch participants of the T4T programs will be present.

We are very happy, that Dutch teachers and children now are facing the wonderful rhythms, dance and acrobatics of this famous group, which is performing during the final celebrations of T4T in Ukunda too. It probably is a strange experience for the dancers to perform in only a few clothes in 12 degrees, but they look tough. Some newspapers payed already attention to this special event. More papers definitely will follow.

Ruud Musman

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