Workshops and school visits by Dutch teachers in Kwale

About 40 teachers of Dutch primary education. secondary education, ECDE and SNE organized workshops for their Kenyan colleagues in Kwale during the weekend. Teachers from standard 3 and 4 (two per school) were invited to attend the workshops in the zones: Tsimba Golini, Matuga, Tsimba Tiwi, Mkongani, Kubo, Shimba Hills, Diani, Kinango, Samburu, Msambweni, Ng’gombeni Waa and Kikoneni.








Together they met, connected and learned from each other about active learning, according to creativity in teaching. A lot of work forms, energizers and CBC possibilities were shared. The ECDE teachers developed a lot of teaching and learning materials and presented all kinds of activities, which they can use in class. Also the other projects contained a lot of useful activities.
I visited e.g. Shimba Hills, where primary and ecde teachers were working. It was a great experience to see the enthusiasm and skills of the teachers uphill there.

During the week teachers visited some schools of the participants to observe some lessons and together with participants to organize a staff meeting to share with the members what they learned. It was astonishing to notice that so many activities were used in practice. Everybody was very proud of the results of the sharing in the workshops.

Next to the workshops the 5th school leaders course took place in Ukunda. Personal leadership was the theme, which emphasized on the personality, behavior and communication styles of the leader. And especially on professional ways to achieve optimal effect with the staff members. The course was led by 3 Kenyan trainers, sustained by the Dutch. Also some coachees were trained. They practiced their skills with head teachers on schools in the zones, accompanied by graduated Kenyan coaches.

On Wednesday the ECDE ward officers attended a meeting in Forest Lodge, Ukunda. They finished their Lesson Observation Tool and are going to use it from now.

Next Saturday 2020-03-14 everybody will meet again at the final celebration. It is going to be fun. The Local Fundraising Team is selling the last raffles to win a wonderful diner set or an official Dutch leather football with pump.

Ruud Musman

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