Very proud of our Kenyan colleagues

Last April two coordinators of our main sponsor visited Kwale to talk with the T4T board and other stakeholders of our programs in Kwale County. As you can read below, they were very pleased with what they noticed during this conversations. Off course the Dutch board is very proud of what our colleagues told.

Dear Francis, Suleyman, Leila and Sabina,

We have taken some time to reflect on our visit to you in April. It was great to have time to meet with you all, and the group of teachers who are involved as trainers and coaches. This gave us a good impression of your commitment, activities and role in promoting quality education in the region.  
First of all, it was great to see the commitment as a board and as individuals. Your diversity in backgrounds is a great strength and used properly so.  
It was also inspiring for us to meet a group of teachers so outspoken and articulate about the work they have done within this program, the results they have achieved so far and their wishes for the future. It was stimulating to see the commitment of these (head)teachers to support their fellow teachers and their motivation to improve the quality of education and leadership within the schools.
What struck us was the importance of the connection between the teachers in Kenya and in the Netherlands: how the group of teachers that we spoke valued this connection as a chance to exchange from peer to peer, inspire and learn from each other.  Not so much focused on transferring knowledge but collegial collaboration.  
Upon our talks with you we also exchanged about the future of T4T, it’s stability, continuity and succession planning:
  • The changing role of the Dutch Board in the future,  
  • The succession of Francis after retirement in some years,
  • The financial dependability on the Dutch partners
  • Opportunities of collaborating with TTC,
  • The added value of sound PME&L (through specialised person)
We look forward to continuing our talks in searching for ways to safeguard the work of T4T in Kenya, and how we as Wilde Ganzen support you in this process.
Warm regards,
Dorien Verbeek and Ernst Eisma – Wilde Ganzen
New Dutch group for October almost complete
Next October we will probably visit Kenya with 34 people. Among them 11 primary head teachers, 8 secondary Heads of Department and 10 specialists for SNE. The preparation in the Netherlands will take place on Saturdays 16 and 30 September. We are looking forward to meet them and take care that they are ready to meet and work with their Kenyan colleagues.
Trainers, coaches and coachees  learning and practising

Meanwhile the trainers and coaches of the School leaders course were very eager to learn themselves. They had a one day course about CBC at the TTC Kwale in Kinango. The course gave them many insights and also strengthens the content of next bloc of the course.
During the past few months the coaches and coachees practiced their skills by observing head teachers of the course and giving them feedback in a professional way. The coachees wrote some wonderful reflection reports to mr. Tenga and me.



Ruud Musman


  1. Nancy says:

    This is credible .As teachers we are geared to see our learners reach the highest level of their potential.

  2. Esther says:

    This is great Kwale education quality and leadership skills will never remain the same

    • Yusra says:

      This is great kwale education quality will never be like other counties and the principal leadership skills will be the greatest thanks to t4t

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