A look at our educational projects this visit.

Thursday 15th of February we arrived with the Dutch team of teachers in Mombasa for another succesful trip to Kwale. The teachers in the first place were very impressed by a crowdy Mombasa with its market, shops and traffic. After having arrived at the Diani Sea Resort there is an official meeting with FRancis Nzai and his teamThe coming 11 days they will meet and connect with their Kenyan collegues to give workshops to Kenyan (pre) primary and secondary teachers.
Now that I have come at the projects, I would briefly highlight the plans for these projects. In other words, what are we going to do these days within ‘to meet, to connect and to learn’? In any case we are going to give workshops at 17 locations in Shimba Hills, Mkongani, Msambweni, Tsimba Tiwi and Waa on Saterday and Sunday. We then will visit some participants at their schools to observe in practice whatb works and how the shared knowledge can be spread among the teams.

The projects

* Pre Primary Education. The theme is ‘Creativity in teaching with focus on active learning and developing materials’. Four Dutch duos, accompanied by a Kenyan facilitator, will give the workshops, where creating and applying materials will undoubtedly lead to a lot of enthusiasm and concrete results.

* Primary education. The theme is ‘Creativity in teaching with focus on active learning within the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC). Preparing a CBC lesson and organizing an active staff meeting. Four Dutch duos and one trio with a Kenyan facilitator plus one Kenyan duo will lead these workshops. Many ways of active learning and energizers will be shared, with concrete lesson preparation at the end.

* Secondary education. Because  in the lower grades (Junior Secondary School) is already implementing the CBC and not yet in the upper grades, we are working with two themes here:

Junior Secondary: Creativity in teaching with focus on active learning and differentiation within the CBC. To clarify: Until recently, the first two years (grades 7 and 8) were still part of the Primary Schools. Because the teachers in these classes were already subject teachers, they will provide the lessons together with teachers from the original Secondary School. It will be expected that differentiation will be a challenging theme. Three duos take up this challenge.

Senior Secondary: Creativity in teaching with focus on active learning with special attention to the CBC. Two Dutch duos and one mixed Dutch-Kenyan duo focus on this target group.

* Special Needs Education. Because no teachers from ‘Special Needs’ are joining us this time, we will have to put this successful project on hold for six months.

*The school leaders course. The 6th schoolleaders course Bloc 2 will be about coaching leadership. Again this will be in cooperation with a team from the TTC Kwale in Kinango, led by Madam Helen Machuka, chief principle. They will prepare Bloc 2 with  the Kenian and Dutch trainers.

* The training to become a coach. The four coachees, who will supervise the school leaders course after this year, will continue their training on Monday, which will be partly given by a Kenyan coach. They then go into practice, where we will visit them during their coaching of  a head teacher from the school leaders course.

* The training to become a workshop leader. During this trip there is room for three Kenyan workshop leaders to take the next step in their training. Hereby we are dependent on the number of experienced Dutch workshop leaders. As facilitators, two others will undoubtedly also have room for substantive practical input.

We are lokking forward to enjoy these 11 days.

Ruud Musman


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