T4T is an organisation of volunteers. It has a Dutch board of 7 people, a Kenyan board of 3 people and a Kenyan director, who prepares, organizes and sustains T4T activities in Kenya.
The possibilities of T4T depend among others on financial contribution of Dutch educational partners, enthusiasm, competences and effort of Dutch educational professionals and Kenyan partners.

T4T aims to improve the development of children through better school management and education. We do this by contributing to the development of the leadership qualities of the head teachers, the professional competence of the teachers and by sharing ideas with Curriculum Support Officers.

The strength of T4T is that they support the Kenyan education on a continuous basis.  We always evaluate the development, intentions and results of the previous years, whereby the Kenyan and Dutch educators question each other on progress and challenges.

T4T works with equality, mutual respect and commitment. This starts by taking the time and attention that is needed to get to know each other, and whereby only after listening to each others experiences and challenges we proceed with the next steps. That’s why out motto is: to meet, to connect, to learn.

Kenyan and some of the Dutch board members

We believe in exchanging ideas, learning from each other, inspiring one another, searching for solutions together, and in the awakening of knowledge, all combined with motivation and all with the same goal: education is future.

Francis Nzai, director of Teachers4teacher