Motto: To meet, to connect, to learn, education is future


More than ever, on a worldwide scale, we need each other to grow to harmony. In an altruistic way we follow our passion to develop education of global significance, sustainably and across borders.


In our vision we describe what the core values of our mission mean for us in practice. This vision will form the framework for our strategic policy plan and possible questions that could come our way.

Harmony, altruistic, passion and connectivity

Harmony means to us space for equal contribution from any cultural background, provided that it is aimed to achieve better common results.
Passion is showed by enthusiasm for education and love for people, who work there worldwide. Inspired and convinced by our motto ‘to meet, to connect to learn’, we are looking for connection with each other on every level. After all, what would we be without one another?

Sustainable development

Sustainable development adds permanently to the chances for children. We carefully deal with people and possibilities. Our concern stays as long as we can deliver a contribution to the progress of development.

Across borders

We are open for development across all geographic borders. We do that on an equal base Thereby we give space for the responsible shifting of personal boundaries.


The objective of the T4T Foundation is to support the educational development in Kenya together with the Kenyans, in an inspirational and motivational manner.

The success of development aid in Kenya is highly dependent on the enthusiasm and commitment of the Kenyan people themselves. Therefore we believe that the chance of success is greatest when people recognize the problems that hamper their development, when they take ownership of the solution and when they feel responsible for the results. In other words, a key success factor for our work in Kenya is ownership.

A second factor for success is partnership. We believe it is important to deploy the available skills and expertise from both sides as effectively and efficiently as possible. This means that we use everyone’s experience, knowledge, available expertise and specializations of both the Kenyans and the Dutch.

The aimes of the Foundation  for 2020, described in 2013 to fulfill some important objectives were very successful, e.g.: 

  • schools and school teams develop into learning organizations, where educational reform is being planned;
  • the impact of the approach to develop teams into learning organizations is reflected in an increase of the KCPE-mean score in Kwale of 9,4% in 2019; Due to the lockdown in 2020, caused by Covid 19 the results decreased a bit, but are climbing up again . In addition 40% of the schools scored above 250 points in 2019. This number also decreased a bit in 2020.
  •  15 head teachers are ready to coach their colleagues in training’s and courses.
  • 3 Kenyan trainers are conducting the school leaders course. 
  • we see that Curriculum Support Officers are able to use a coaching approach to head teachers for the benefit of improving the quality of education on their school. 
  • there is a demonstrable positive impact from the work in Kenya on the participating schools in the Netherlands.

Our ambitions for the coming years

The objective of the T4T projects is the professional growth of Kenyan and Dutch educationalists. Sustainability and the transfer of ownership of our projects, in content, financial and organizational, are important goals. Currently, in Kenya T4T is engaged in the following projects:

– School leaders course Primary Schools
– Workshops head teachers Primary Schools
– Workshops teachers Primary and Secondary Schools
– Workshops Heads of Department Secondary Schools
– Workshops teachers Early Childhood Education
– Workshops teachers, specialists and head teachers Special Needs Education
– Scholarships trainees Early Childhood Education
– Workshops Curriculum Support Officers and Ward Officers

The projects as well as the ambitions are described in the annex to this Strategic Policy Plan.

Individual board members may be project owner. They are accountable to the entire Board. All our projects are prepared and evaluated both in Kenya (with the Director of T4T) as in The Netherlands (with Board members and participants).

For their participation in a workshop the Kenyan colleagues receive a T4T-certificate of participation.

– In the context of sustainability Kenyan colleagues become increasingly owners of the projects. T4T provides monitoring in the same context.

– The School Leadership Program already entered the last phase of transfer of ownership. For the coming years one or more programs will be entirely provided by Kenyan trainers and on the work floor coaching by Kenyan trained coaches will take place.

– The Curriculum Support Officers already have ownership, regarding content and organization. The group has a coordinating chairman. Once or twice a year there will be a coordination meeting, in which progress and the learning questions of the CSOs will be leading. The aim is that the CSOs also take financial responsibility for their meetings.

– At the Pre-school education project some Kenyan professionals have already been trained to give workshops. They will be monitored once or twice a year and they will take care of the training of new workshop leaders. In this period it is our ambition that the workshops for head teachers and teachers will increasingly be provided by trained Kenyan colleagues.

-T4T is willing to investigate projects in other regions and/or countries, to monitor these or to support them with guidance. Also, T4T will support other organizations with the same vision as T4T.

– Some Kenyan professionals have already been trained to give workshops. Once or twice a year they will be monitored and they will participate in the training of new workshop leaders. In this period it is our ambition that the workshops for head teachers and teachers will increasingly be provided by trained Kenyan colleagues.

– Because T4T supports mutual growth of professional conduct, for the Dutch participants the programs will be recommended for the Dutch Teachers Register, respectively the Head Teachers Register. Additionally, T4T will be supportive to apply for re-registration in the Head Teachers Register.

-In the years to come we will increasingly transfer the responsibilities of our projects in County Kwale to the Kenyan stakeholders.

We organize meetings for almost 450 schools, 400 head teachers, 4000 teachers and 14 CSO’s. The amount of pupils in Kwale is about 180.000.
The success of our policy depends for a large part on the competences and enthusiasm of Kenyan participants themselves.

Strategic policy plan T4T 2022-2026

Anual report 2023