An inspiring encounter

Tuesday 22-02-22, we visited the Teachers Training College in Puma Ward Kinango Sub County.  The motto of T4T is: “To meet, to connect and to learn”.  The board of T4T wanted to meet the chief principal of the TTC. This brand new college is Kwale county’s flagship, realized through the close cooperation between Kwale County  and the national government.










The main building is central to a large area, where you can grow your own vegetables, organize sports activities and hold games. The administration building and the hostel for the female students is also almost ready, as well as a hostel for the male students.  There are currently 48 teachers studying there, but this number will grow to well over 1000.

We were received by Mrs. Hellen N. Machuka, chief principal of the TTC.  After an initial acquaintance, a lively and inspiring conversation quickly arose about our joint ambitions, to contribute to the capacity building of Kenyan teachers and what we could do for each other in this respect.  We talked about the curriculum of the TTC, the program of T4T and how these two programs fit together. After an impressive tour through and along the buildings and the compound, we agreed to meet again in September – October and to further explore the possibilities of our collaboration. One thing is certain; with the arrival of the Teachers Training College, the Kwale County has  gained a wonderful educational institute.

Francis Nzai and Gert Jan Veeter


  1. Yusra says:

    We are very happy to see t4t in action once again and the teacher very happy

    • Ruud Musman says:

      Thank you Yusra and sorry for the late reaction. I read your comment just now. We are also very happy to have you in our board.

  2. Esther says:

    This is great long live T4t long live Kwale county we are embracing T4t wonderful contribution to Kwale County education

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