New years wish 2016

to meet – to connect – to learn is the slogan we, at Teachers4Teachers, have been using for many years to explain our vision and approach.  This starts with looking at each other from a perspective of mutual respect. Free from restrictive believes. Because from the trust that then follows, a connection occurs. Trust is the foundation from where you allow yourself to be vulnerable to the other person, that you show yourself with all your strengths and weaknesses. This is a very precious moment in a relationship.

The relationship we have with our Kenyan colleagues is based on our shared educational interests. And when both partners share a mutual respect and trust, knowledge flows. A synergy appears after which you can say 1 +1=3. And both partners grow.

This is what we hear back from both the Kenyan as well as the Dutch participants:

They give me other eyes
This trip has changed my life

Teachers4Teachers wishes you a prosperous 2016 full of
Trust, Connection and Growth!
Let's meet, connect and learn - T4T


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