Meet, connect, learn
For over 14 years, Teachers4Teachers has developed a number of consistent activities, all of which are rooted in the conviction that educating young children forms the best way to assure them and their community of a better future.

Teachers4Teachers heavily depends on the participation of Dutch volunteers. The members of the board of Teachers4Teachers are volunteers, all teachers and trainers are volunteers. They all commit themselves to stimulate and improve learning because they deeply believe that learning should always be in connection with the community, because nothing of what we learn matters, unless it is valuable for the community. Everyone’s learning should contribute to the perseverance and the well being of the community in harmony with nature.

Since our start in 2003, 9 projects have been carried out in a collaboration between Kenyan and Dutch people who are working in education. Twice a year we come over to Kenya for 12 days.

T4T invests in people who are working in education in all levels: ECD teachers, teachers, headteachers, Head of departments, Curriculum Support Officers and people from the government. We do this by organizing workshops where we exchange knowledge, experience and share our conviction that education is future.

Our activities range from parents to lecturers of teacher training colleges.

Most of our present activities form part of a continuous process. For 2017 the projected activities, organized in collaboration with our Kenyan colleagues, are:

Since 2003: Workshops teachers primary education
Since 2004: Workshops head teachers primary education
Since 2007: School leaders course primary education (a two years program)
Since 2008: Training ECD teachers
Since  2009: Training coaches primary education
Since 2010: Workshops Curriculum Support Officers
Since 2011: Workshops teachers secondary education
Since 2012: Workshops teachers and head teachers special needs
Since 2016: Workshops heads of department secondary education

Since 2018 the T4T organization has been strengthened by appointing 8 team leaders for the projects. The roles of the team leaders are:

  • Coordinate programs under their project
  • Organizing and coordinating workshop leaders / facilitators
  • Provide leadership in their team
  • Linking with other team leaders to discuss
  • Evaluate the program
  • Identification of gaps from the content
  • Develop/discuss workshop themes with Dutch project leaders
  • Linking with the director
  • Guiding on professionality
  • Being a role model

This leads to the following organization chart