School leaders course: final chapter

The school leaders course, the showpiece of our projects in ownership, is entering its last training block in this week. And we still have very limited Dutch input in that. Only the content of the modules is Dutch. After Michiel Leijser and Ruud Musman were able to sit on their hands without much difficulty during the preparation of the course in October, it is now Gert Jan Veeter’s turn to be pleasantly surprised:

 Last module for school leaders course has started

After an inspiring preparation day on Friday, in which I was amazed at the professional approach of our Kenyan trainers, the students of the school leaders course started the last module of the course. The implementation of the course is entirely in the hands of the Kenyans. Our own teachers, trainers and coaches support and guide students in their professional development. The theme within the ‘Managing a team’ module is: ‘How do you lead a professional team and how do you deal with group dynamics during meetings’. School leaders share and develop new knowledge, insights and experiences through instruction, role-playing and group discussions. All this in a relaxed atmosphere, where the Kenyan colleagues, sometimes enthusiastic but respectful, discuss with each other.







In addition to these serious conversations and substantive discussions, there is also room for humor, relaxation and fun with each other. After all, ‘to meet and connect’ does not stop after the first meeting. Because the content of this module requires a practical application, the students make an improvement plan for their own school for a topic that they find most effective. That immediately poses a tough challenge for this week’s staff meeting, in which they are expected to actively involve their team in generating ideas. I bet that English will be the most chosen. After all that subject also has the most influence on the results in other subjects.
The coaches and coachees can thus undoubtedly do ‘their’ school leader a service and in the process also professionalize themselves. And we, Dutchmen…..? We get the chance to enjoy it for a while.
After a weekend of hard work, many conversations and dynamic conversations, we make appointments for the coming week. Because tomorrow they will go back to their schools, work on their practical assignments, receive their coaches and show what they have learned in practice. In addition, the “normal work” continues.

Looking back, we can conclude that this group of school leaders has come a step further as a professional learning community.

Gert Jan Veeter



  1. Nancy says:

    One of the students leaders . The whole process has being engaging am am very proud to be part of the group.

    • Ruud Musman says:

      Thank you Nancy. Sorry for the delayed reaction. I read your wonderful comment just now. We are also very happy that you ‘re part of T4T.

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