Sebastian Leonard retired as board member

In 2002 mr. Mdawida Sebastian Leonard as an education officer started to repesent the count Kwale in the Verkaart foundation. At the time he already  knew Francis Nzai professionally, since he was a head teacher. When in 2003 Teachers4teachers separated from this foundation he stayed in contact with Mia Mollee and Johan Gelauf as  ounders of the new foundation. In 2009 Sebastian retired as a zonal officer. When in 2015 he was asked to consider a membership to the new T4T board, he was very enthusiastic. So in 2016 the new board started with Sebastian. Because of the T4T policy he now retires as a board member.

To my question” What do you especially remember in you period as a board member,” he answered:
– I enjoyed visiting the workshops and was impressed by what happened with teachers during the work;
– Meet, connect, learn appears a very strong way of working
– The way education in Kwale has improved the last 10 years would not have been possible without the Dutch input;
– I liked sharing with the other board members very much and I think the Kenyan board can now do it by itself.

Sebastian stay involved in a lot of community activities. He belongs to the County Busar Committee. He also supports children who finished standard 8 with scholarships and is principle of the private ECDE College in Lunga Lunga since 2014.
Last but not least he intends to stay in contact with T4T  by visiting the final celebrations. T4T likes to thank Sebastian for his contribution by handing over an envelope as a present. The board will soon find a new member.

Ruud Musman

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