Strong educational development in Kwale

Finally T4T was back with a group of head teachers and specialists SNE. They looked forward to it for two years to be able to continue the programs with workshops and school visits. There were workshops for school leaders primary schools, ECD, SNE and even one for the HOD’s of secondary schools. About 200 participants attended the workshops, which were mainly about leadership skills. The content of the workshops were demand driven, which was also a challenge for the Dutch (head) teachers.












During this week the fifth school leaders course came to an end with exams and practical assessments. All head teachers could be graduated, as well as three coachees. Mohamed Tenga was graduated as a trainer in the school leaders course. The graduation took place during the final celebration at Forest Lodge in Ukunda. Among the more than 300 guests was also the minister of Education of Kwale, Mr. Mwabudzo. In his speech he emphasized on the meaning of the T4T school leaders course and suggested that the certificate should be recognized. Mrs Hellen N. Machuka, chief principal Kwale TTC and Mrs. Hellen Kunyiha, Dean of Curriculum Kwale TTC listened quite interested to this opinion. During lunch time they proposed the cooperate and asked for the content of our program to study. Meanwhile they sent the CBC program to our trainers. T4t was very excited about this development. Next February we will continue exploring the possibilities.

Among the guests also the  Director of Pre-Primary Education (ECD), Mr Bilashaka was present. He was very impressed by the way T4T works, namely demand driven. Next to this he appreciated our coaching approach for Ward officers, as they now have different opportunities to support the ECD (head) teachers.
The Dutch workshop leaders were very surprised when Mwanaisha Iddi arrived in the morning to bring them to the workshops. We were also very thankful to Mr Bilashaka that Count Kwale provided the transfer costs for the participants.


To complete the final celebration a local dance group and acrobats turned up for a nice performance.

We can conclude that this 11 days were very successful and we look forward to February 2023, when we will probably come with a bigger delegation of teachers.

Ruud Musman


  1. Esther Mwaniki says:

    This is the best of the best of educational development in Kwale

    • Ruud Musman says:

      Thank you Esther. Sorry for the delayed reaction. I read your messege just now. We are flattered by your comment. I’m happy that you are part of us., Ruud

  2. Mwanangura says:

    Strong bond build in the schools through team building in collaboration with the T4T team.

    • Ruud Musman says:

      Thank you Mwanangura. Sorry for my delayed reaction. I read your comment just now.

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