T4T in action in Kwale

While the storms ravage the Netherlands, three Dutch board members traveled to sunny Kenya to ensure that our program proceeds as smoothly as possible, unfortunately without Dutch education professionals. In our extensive preparation, of course coordinated with Francis Nzai, our director on site, we decided to focus on the following themes:
* A meeting with the team leaders, who now play such an important role in the substantive ‘shift of power’ to Kenyan ownership of the T4T projects;
* A preparation with a few selected workshop leaders from primary, secondary, special and pre-school education to lead a workshop for teachers on Saturday or Wednesday in pairs;
* The preparation and implementation of the fourth block of the school leader course by Kenyan trainers and the training coaching later this week
* A meeting with the Kenyan board to brainstorm about possibilities for an organizational ‘shift the power’. Also introduction of our new board member Suleiman Mwalonya, a former Curriculum Support Officer;
* A visit to the new Teachers Training College (TTC) in Kwale to explore possible collaboration;
* A visit to the Director of the Teachers Service Commission (TTC), the employer of all educators.

Team leaders and workshop leaders

In this blog the focus is on the preparation of the team leaders and the workshop leaders.
It is important for the team leaders that they are also included in the idea that the projects will not only become a Kenyan affair in terms of content, but also organizationally and financially. The latter in particular will require a great deal of creativity for educational development on such a large scale as we are advocating.

ECD team

Primary team

SNE team

Secondary workshop leader with new board member Suleiman Mwalonya

It appears that the workshop leaders, who have hardly been trained yet, are already quite prepared to go to the preparatory meeting on Friday with ready-made plans. They have been selected by Francis from the large group of interested facilitators. Jan van Aert, who leads the preparation, has a few more minor additions, after which the workshop leaders will complete their concrete preparations for various types of education. Because our budget allows for far fewer workshops than usual, there will be two primary education workshops (theme: active learning and creativity in teaching within the competence-based curriculum), one for secondary education (the ICT theme), one for the education of children with special needs. (theme: looking at possibilities instead of dysabilities) and one for the pre-primary education  (theme: using assessment criteria in young children).
Because a number of criteria have been set for the development into workshop leaders and the chosen ones have not worked with them much before, we agree that they will reflect themselves and give each other feedback along these criteria. These can be beautiful conversations, with which steps can certainly be taken. The preparations are already promising.

Ruud Musman (with input from Jan van Aert)

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