T4T secretary Lysanne Kapiteijn left the Dutch board

It had been the practical reality for a few months, but during an excellent dinner prepared by Lysanne Kapiteijn herself, we officially said goodbye to her as a board member. In his speech, chairman Jan van Aert recalled Lysanne’s qualities, which fit so unmistakably with Teachers4teachers: her calm, balanced and warm approach, her ability to listen carefully and to ask questions, her solution orientation and the clarity in answering all questions , who reached Lysanne as secretary. In addition, of course, her work for the website, where she sometimes had to dive deep behind the WordPress dashboard, with success as a result. And especially as a booster of our secondary education project, for which Lysanne joined T4T in 2013 as Chris van Meurs’ assistant. The fact that she didn’t even have a permanent position at her own school by then was no obstacle. Her talent preceded her even then. With a lot of energy she has completed the Secondary Education put on the map and also held in times with little participation from that target group.

It is clear that we already miss Lysanne. With much thanks we surprised her with the beautiful book ‘Homage to humanity’ by Jimmy Nelson. A hit. Fortunately, during this farewell, Lysanne remarked: “I can’t imagine never going to Kenya again.”

Noted, don’t do anything about it.

New results KCPE published


This graph shows the development of the KCPE scores in Kwale. T4T had formulated a number of objectives for the period 2013-2020, all of which were amply achieved. For example, the KCPE score in Kwale had already increased by 9.1% in 2019, 40% of the schools scored above the critical limit of 250 points.
The 9 months of school closure due to Covid 19 show a slight decrease especially in 2020 and now it is slowly picking up again. We all hope this will continue. T4T wants to contribute to this increase as much as possible.




Annual report 2022 is ready

Everyone who is interested in out annual report 2022 can read it here: Annual report 2022

Ruud Musman

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