T4T-workshops in January/February lead by Kenyan teachers

It was to be expected, that no Dutch teachers would be able to come to Kwale in January and February to enjoy workshops with their Kenyan colleagues. Despite the lack of Dutch teachers workshops will be organized. Already in December 2020 Francis Nzai organized meetings with the team leaders of the projects and the trainers, coaches and participants of the school leaders course. They looked back at the successful workshops in March 2020 and made plans for capacity building. He also had a meeting with CBC educated teachers, because of their and our wish to share our knowledge about giving active CBC lessons. The ECDE Ward officers and heads tried the Observation Tool, they developed last March, by observing a lesson by one of them. Only a few changes had to be made. Challenge now is to use the instrument in a coaching way. They have to be trained in the coaching approach in the near future. The trainers of the school leaders course first referred to the March bloc 1, Educational Leadership by  a lesson given by one of them and feedback given by the head teachers. They also made agreements to do the practical assignments in January-February.

Overview of the activities

  • School leaders course: 2 School Visits + 1 final  Meeting for whole group. Subject: Development Plan. School leaders will be executing their development plan, while coachee and coach will attend and give feedback.
  • Special Needs Education Teachers: 1 Day workshop at Msambweni and Kinango clusters. Subject: Use of adaptive devices for learners with special needs.
  • ECD teachers: 8 workshop clusters for Samburu/Mackinon/Mwavumbo Wards 1 ECD teacher to attend 1 day workshop. Subject: A Rubric as an assessment tool.
  • Primary Teachers: 7 Workshop clusters for Samburu and Mazeras zones. Grade 2 and 3 teachers will attend 1 day workshop Subject: Active learning for grade 2 and 3 pupils.
  • Secondary Teachers: 2 Teachers per school will attend 1day workshop. There will be 2 clusters Kinango and Samburu. Subject: Innovation teaching and learning through critical thinking and problem solving.


The project leaders have made their plans and Francis is going to organize online meetings through What’s App video between each project leader and  Dutch project coordinator to share the ideas and strengthen them if possible.

We are very proud of the Kenyan people to undertake these actions and wish them good luck. We planned to meet and connect again next October.

Ruud Musman


  1. Amos wambua mwololo says:

    Good but what about ECDE pp2 rubric

    • Ruud Musman says:

      Please ask Aisha for follow up plans, Amos.

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