TSC director, Mr. Wachira appreciates T4T on Final Celebration

On Saturday 4th of March, the final celebration of Teacher4teachers turned out to be a big success. About 700 teachers and officals from Msambweni, Lunga Lunga, Kinango, Matuga, Mwereni, Kikoneni, Mkongani, Shimba Hills, Dzombo and Puma attended the meeting at Forest Lodge, Ukunda. One of them was Mr. Wachira, the TSC director. In his speech he appreciated the work of T4T in Kwale. Mr. Wachira emphasized especially on observing teachers in class, from which teachers can learn a lot. Also CSO’s do this on regular basis, but TPAD asks, next to Development, also Appraisal from them.  Mr. Wachira also mentioned the importance of teachers. Without them CBC will  not be implemented. He invited  T4T already for next October, when head teachers will come. Although the director likes to welcome actually up to a hundred of Dutch teachers, probably less than 25 will visit Kwale. The group of head teachers is always smaller, just because there are less head teachers.

In his speech, T4T chairman Jan van Aert once again demonstrated the importance of motivated teachers and also made it clear how many sponsorship campaigns in the Netherlands make this program possible.

The teachers were exited to meet their Dutch colleages again and danced and performed together while giving them presents. They had a wonderful and fruitful time with them in the workshops about active learning and the school visits afterwards. Also the Dutch teachers were very happy with the active participation during the workshops. The workshops were organized for primary and secondary teachers, SNE and ECD teachers. In Forest Lodge T4T organized the sixth school leaders course as well, while the fifth training coaching started in Waa primary.

Before T4T sang their famous song ‘Education is future’ a group of children from Bongwe primary school in Ukunda gave a wonderful presentation.

Specteculair dancers and pole dancers finished the program. A big lunch was waiting at four spots.

Ruud Musman

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