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  • Very proud of our Kenyan colleagues

    Last April two coordinators of our main sponsor visited Kwale to talk with the T4T board and other stakeholders of our programs in Kwale County. As you can read below, they were very pleased with what they noticed during this conversations. Off course the Dutch board is very proud of

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  • TSC director, Mr. Wachira appreciates T4T on Final Celebration

    On Saturday 4th of March, the final celebration of Teacher4teachers turned out to be a big success. About 700 teachers and officals from Msambweni, Lunga Lunga, Kinango, Matuga, Mwereni, Kikoneni, Mkongani, Shimba Hills, Dzombo and Puma attended the meeting at Forest Lodge, Ukunda. One of them was Mr. Wachira, the

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  • T4T secretary Lysanne Kapiteijn left the Dutch board

    It had been the practical reality for a few months, but during an excellent dinner prepared by Lysanne Kapiteijn herself, we officially said goodbye to her as a board member. In his speech, chairman Jan van Aert recalled Lysanne’s qualities, which fit so unmistakably with Teachers4teachers: her calm, balanced and

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