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  • An inspiring encounter

    Tuesday 22-02-22, we visited the Teachers Training College in Puma Ward Kinango Sub County.  The motto of T4T is: “To meet, to connect and to learn”.  The board of T4T wanted to meet the chief principal of the TTC. This brand new college is Kwale county’s flagship, realized through the

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  • On to practice, the workshops in the county

    Workshops Last weekend and this week, T4T is organizing 6 workshops in Kwale County. 2 workshops for primary school teachers (primary education), 2 workshops for ECD teachers (pre-primary education), 1 workshop for secondary schools (secondary education) and 1 for SNE (special education). Special is that in all these workshops Kenyan

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  • School leaders course: final chapter

    The school leaders course, the showpiece of our projects in ownership, is entering its last training block in this week. And we still have very limited Dutch input in that. Only the content of the modules is Dutch. After Michiel Leijser and Ruud Musman were able to sit on their

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